Bnamra ... a green jewel embraced by the mountains

Tartous, (ST)-The quiet village of Bnamra is embraced by  mountains of ancient oak trees, in the midst of a charming nature as freshwater springs burst from its tops which makes the village look like an emerald.

According to the village mayor, Muhammad Ahmad Shaheen, Bnamra is within the municipality of  Sheikh Badr in Tartous. It spreads over an area of about two thousand dunums. The village was named so due to its many springs and products, which means the pantry, (the house of supplies). The people of the village cultivate olives, tobacco and citrus fruits.

The village is characterized by its picturesque nature, with its fresh air and pleasant summer breezes. Despite the difficulty of reaching it, the tourists continuously visit the  village and spend hours of their time enjoying its attractive beauty and relaxing in its calm nature.

In the summer, the parks of the village, which lie on the banks of the river connecting Bnamra and Al-Sourani, are full of visitors coming to taste the popular  dishes  that the region is famous for, and enjoy the beauty of unspoiled nature.

Amal Farhat