A tour for tourist guides organized in Palmyra to enhance their culture and experience

Palmyra (ST): Participants in the tourist guide courses held by the Ministry of Tourism in  Al-Sweida governorate made a scientific tour in the historic city of Palmyra, during which they were briefed on its most prominent archaeological features, as part of the revitalization of the tourist movement in the city. 

Head of the Tourist Guides Division at the Federation of Chambers of Tourism Mahmoud Arna’out said in a statement  that introducing the tour on the tourist and archaeological sites would contribute to enhance the culture and experience of the guides of these sites in order to show the civilized image of Syria.

Trainee Kinda Al-Saleem and holder of a license in tourism, indicated the importance of developing the expertise and information of tourist guides to promote Syria's beautiful sites in a correct manner, especially since our country is rich in its heritage and culture. 

Trainee Ahmed Okasha, with a license in antiquities and museums, referred to the greatness of Palmyra city and its richness in antiquities.

The two trainees, Amani Azzam, carrying a degree in tourism sciences and Rou’ Abu Sarhan, with a license in archeology, indicated the need for the participation of specialized international organizations in the restoration of the archaeological monuments destroyed by the terrorist organization "ISIS" and the importance of providing all the tourism services that the visitor needs during his visit to Palmyra, which is considered an open-air museum.