Preparations have begun for the “Victory Celebration” of the “Citadel and Valley” Festival 2021

Under the patronage Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, Homs Governorate, in cooperation with the Ministries of Tourism and Culture, began preparations for the “victory celebration” of the "Citadel and Valley" festival 2021, after it had stopped for a year due to the outbreak of Covid-19  pandemic. 
Homs Governor, Eng. Bassam Parsik, said in a meeting recently held that the “Citadel and Valley”  Festival ["Al-Qal'a Wa Al- Wadi" Festival] constitutes an important cultural, tourist and artistic event at local level.
“The success of this celebration requires concerted efforts and providing all possible support, whether from government institutions or economic activities that have been distinguished by their humanitarian and social contributions in the governorate," Parsik added.
He referred to the importance of the festival as it attracts tourists and encourages tourism and economic movement in the areas  where the events will be since Wadi Al-Nadara area is one of the important tourist attractions due to its natural diversity.
The program of the festival includes the opening ceremony in Qal'at al-Hosn, the opening of the Syrian and Russian Films Week, in addition to various artistic and theatrical performances at the Al-Hawash University Theater. 
Al Hawash town will also host a book fair and a flower expo, Bicycle racing, and for the first time, Gliding Flight festival.
Moreover, poetry forums and concerts, an exhibition of traditional and rural products, Al Wadi Marathon Race, a motorcycle tour in the Wadi Al Nadara area are among the activities to be held in Marmarita and Al-Mashtaia . 
A number of Syrian artists and writers will be honored in the closing ceremony of the festival.
Walaa Al-Nouri, the organizer of the Syrian Paragliding Event, clarified that this event is being held this year with the aim of conveying a message to the whole world about the return of security to our country, and there is no longer any obstacle that prevents carrying out any activity in any of the governorates of Syria.
This activity will be held between 27 and 31 July. 
The first two days will be dedicated to the arrival of the pilots  to practice the exercises on the ground; while during the other three days, people will be allowed to participate in the flying activity and live a wonderful experience by flying over Al-Hosn Citadel and the rest of the valley's towns, accompanied by the most skilled Arab and foreign pilots.
The “Citadel and Valley” Festival will be held on the 24th  of July and it will last until the 6th of August.
Reported by: Amal Farhat