The “Citadel and Valley” Festival kicked off in the Homs

Under the title the “Victory Celebration”, the activities of the “Citadel and Wadi” Festival [Al-Qal'a Wa Al-Wadi Festival],  which are being held by Homs Governorate and the Ministries of Tourism and Culture, began yesterday evening in the Wadi al-Nadara region in the western countryside of Homs.

The first day’s activities included the launch of the Syrian and Russian Film Week at the Al-Hawash Private University theater, where “Salwight 7, the Morning Star, the Ghost, My Last Friend, the Icebreaker, the Rain of Homs, a Man and Three Days, Waiting for Autumn , Again, and the Path of Heaven", will be shown throughout   the movie week.

The Minister of Tourism in the caretaker government, Eng. Muhammad Rami Martini, pointed out that the “Al-Qal’a Wa Al-Wadi” Festival is a cultural, tourist, artistic and social event that reflects the civilization of Syria and that the joy and love are a message of life of all Syrians.

Martini stressed that Syria is witnessing an exceptional tourist season despite the great difficulties it is experiencing, highlighting the role of expatriates in promoting Syria and its tourist and cultural attractions.

Homs Governor, Eng. Bassam Parsik, said that “The Citadel and Valley” Festival is one of the most important festivals in Syria, stressing that  Homs Governorate seeks to provide it with all the factors of success to be comprehensive including the various fields of culture, arts and entertainment.

He added that the festival is an important factor to attract tourism, especially since the region is distinguished by its historical and archaeological importance, pointing out that the festival activities will include all Tourist and cultural sites in the Wadi Al-Nadara region.


Engineer Ahmed Akkash, Director of Homs Tourism, explained that the festival is a promotion of the valley's heritage with all its tourist attractions, especially Al-Hosn Citadel and Der Mar Gorges as tourist attractions worldwide.

The expatriate artist, Raymond Maamari, explained that he came from America to participate in the festival because of its great tourist importance in introducing the archaeological sites in Syria and emphasizing the identity and heritage it enjoys.

Dr. Adnan Younes, President of Al-Hawash Private University, indicated that the university's participation in the festival includes several cultural, sports and medical activities, stressing that health treatment will be provided free of charge during the festival period within Al-Hawash University Hospital.

It is worth noting that the festival will be held on the 24th, 25th, 29th, 30th, 31st of this month, in addition to the 5th, and 6th of next August.


Amal Farhat