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Ram Al-Anz Village ... a house of beauty

A charming village with its beautiful nature and pleasant fresh air, like other wonderful villages in Homs, the nature is beautiful and the air is clean, and this is what made this town the focus of attention of many people, it is Ram Al-Anz.

Ram Al-Anz village is located in the northwestern side of Homs city, on a plateau about 620 m above sea level, surrounded by hills on all sides and connected to Homs through beautiful villages.

Ram Al-Anz Village owns all the elements of the tourist town, as it is bordered on the western side by a large dam called Al-Ram, which irrigates large areas of agricultural lands belonging to the town and the neighboring villages, and fish is extracted from it in abundant quantities, as well as many types of birds such as ducks and geese and people visit it for tourism.

Jaiboul... Discretion Of a charming location

Jaiboul is a small Syrian village located on the western end of Lattakia's Mountains in Syria, a stunning mountainous region that belongs to the Qutalbiyah side, about 16 km away from the Mediterranean, rising 600-700 meters above sea level.

Jaiboul is situated in  a beautiful and distinctive geographical location, surrounded by green mountains from three sides. The sea appears from the western side in an incredible scenic way, where you can see from any  balcony there  Lattakia, Jableh and the extended coastal plains between them,which is also famous for its walnut and oak trees.

A famous spot of one of the most bounteous water fountains in the region, called Jaiboul Spring, which flows abundantly between green landscapes, drawing magical paintings of overlapping lines of blue and green.This spring is a touristic destination for visitors of the coastal region and local inhabitants, in addition to many exploration teams.

Tartous: Sea, Sun, Sand and Riveting Scenery

Syrian families and local tourists like to visit the Syrian Coast to spend their holidays and enjoy the charming climate and the fantastic weather. Some families like the seashore and its chalets, others like the city’s hotels and restaurants where they can find nice seafood and local dishes while others like to go the mountains, cliffs, valleys, streams, springs and forests to enjoy fresh air and the spectacular views.

Most , if not all, of tourist families and people prefer to rent a chalet by the sea when they arrive at the governorate of Tartous.

"Habnamra",… A village of springs and caves

Habnamra village is 65 km away from Homs. It is situated in the area known as Wadi al-Nasara.  It is surrounded by a variety of thick  forests full of oaks, arbutus and terebinth.

 Historical accounts confirm that the village was  once the scene of migratory tigers, and this is why it was called tiger pit or tiger den. It is said that it was a place where tigers fought within a wide square that extends from the current, Mary Spring to the Saint Marina shrine, so it was called "Harb Namra", (the war of tigers), according to what was stated in a book by Dr. Elias Tannous Obeid . Thus, with the passage of time, it turned into Habnamra.

The Syrian Exploration and Documentation Society Discusses the investment of Al-Samra coast in Lattakia

The project  of investing and rehabilitating the coast of  Al-Samra town in Lattakia was the focus of the event, which was  organized by the Syrian  Exploration and Documentation Society, "I am Syrian"..

About 250 volunteers from  different Syrian university students with multiple specializations took part in the activity.

The Secretary General of the society   Khaled Nwelati told  SANA  that this activity  aims   at supporting internal  tourism ,  revitalizing volunteer work and shedding light on the natural, topographic and environmental components  in Syria.