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Tourism Situation in Tartous:

The Syrian tourism industry is facing big problems and obstacles, similar to the neighboring states of Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

Coronavirus pandemic and the inflation of prices as well as the shortage of male professional tourist staff due to conscription were the main problems affecting the tourism sector in Syria. 

Syria’s tourist officials and managers expressed to Syria Times these problems and how they work hard to overcome them.

“Beit El-Wadi” Cave ... a Unique Tourist Attraction in Tartous

The Cave of “ Beit al-Wadi “  is one of the most magnificent  and important caves in Syria as it represents  a   historical and natural treasure  and enchants  all  its visitors due to  its internal and external beauty .

The Cave of “ Beit El-Wadi” is located  in the town of Dwair  Reslan in  Tartous  , 18 km north -east of Draykish.

It  is a famous  natural artistic   underground, and although it was closed years ago before  visitors, the surrounding area is still a destination for lovers  of popular tourism, where it is located in a green area  among  a  group of fresh springs and rivers.

Deir Shmaeil ...Where Springs Equal the Number of Days in the Year

 Deir Shmaeil, is a quiet village with a beautiful unique nature where 365 springs equal to the number of days of the year stem from its fertile hillsides and flow everywhere, endowing nature with more beauty, splendor and greenness. Its magnificent castles and monuments, which depict the authenticity and deep-rooted civilization throughout ages, have increased its splendor and glory.

Ghaith Khateeb, head of the village municipality said that the village is located on the eastern chain of coastal mountains, 50 km away from the city of Hama on the western side. It is well known for its springs, the most important of which are the springs of Ain El-Joza , Ain El-Tineh, Ain El-Delb and Ain El-Abed, in addition to its enchanting view of the Deir Shmaeil Dam and the magnificent El-Ghab Plain. It is surrounded by gorgeous forests that give the locals and visitors an exceptional opportunity to relax, rest and to experience living in the enchanting nature.

Khateeb went on to say that the village’s location in the mountains and amazing view of the valleys, gives it a fascinating beauty, referring to  its archaeological importance, as it is close to Abu Qubeis Castle and Kulaib Lake, in addition to the  many archaeological sites such as Abu Qubeis Tower, Al-Zeer Stone and the ancient water mills.

He stressed that the village offers distinguished tourism services, as there are many cafeterias and restaurants along its cold  fresh springs, pointing out that the villagers depend on irrigated crops such as cotton and fruit trees including nuts, olives, berries and peaches.

Amal Farhat 

The Ministry of Tourism: The ratification of contracts for 6 tourism projects provides 2000 job opportunities

Damascus,(ST)-The Ministry of Tourism has approved contracts for 6 tourism projects, with an investment value of approximately 320 billion Syrian pounds, providing 2000 job opportunities for graduates of tourist and hotel institutes and other specialties.

The ministry stated in a statement that SANA received a copy of that these contracts included the “Madinah Tourist Complex Project, the Aleppo Citadel Project and the Karnak site” Ras Al-Basit in Lattakia and Marina in Tartous and the property site 748 Al-Hijaz and the Opaline Restaurant Madinah al-Shabab Hotel in Damascus ”indicating that the absorptive capacity of these projects is 2500 hotel beds and about 8000 chairs It provides employment opportunities and contributes to supplying the state treasury and revitalizing the national economy.

“Rasyoun” village a Unique Experience for lovers of History, Adventure and Exploring in Lattakia

The wonderful tourist sites in Lattakia province form an important part of Syria’s tourism map.  They  attract tourists from around Syria and abroad  who prefer alternative recreation that puts them in close touch with nature.

Exploring and adventure  tourism is being considered by more and more people. It is a fantastic way to get  right into the middle of a stunning landscape, and to feel part of the region you are visiting to.