Harissa with semolina


   3 cups semolina

   3 cups yogurt

   2 cup coconut

    A cup of vegetable oil

    Two tablespoons of baking powder

    Teaspoon sodium bicarbonate

     Large spoon vanilla

     Two tablespoons sesame paste

     Nuts for decoration as desired

    Diameter as needed


1. Place the semolina, yogurt, walnuts, oil, vanilla, baking powder and sodium bicarbonate into a bowl, and mix well until the consistency becomes firm.

2. Add the oven tray with the tahini and spread the dough evenly.

3. Cut the prey into equal pieces.

4. Place the nuts you have chosen (pistachios, almonds, cashews) on each piece.

5 - Leave the Harissa relax for 30 minutes.

6 - Enter the tray on medium heat oven to preheated on and bake the broth until it turns red.

7. Toss the diameter on the stalk after removing it from the oven.

8 - I leave the prey until the soil is soaked.