Syrian crunchy deep-fried small pastries filled with various fillings, usually ground meat or cheese. Depending on the type of dough used, they either have a crescent shape, or a triangular one. Unlike shishbarak whose origins people disagree about, Sambosek originated in Syria and made its way to the rest of the world to be the more popular Indian samosas and Latin American empanadas. Can you believe it? Samosas and empanadas were actually inspired by our humble Sambosek.

Sambosek is one of the most popular and elegant appetizers -especially in Ramadan and it is perfect for the parties or dinner table. These little meat pockets appeal to all ages with their juicy filling and flaky crust. You can also use puff pastry to fill them with chicken, rice and beans for a vegetarian version or cream cheese and green onions.

Whether you call them fatayer, turnovers, empanadas, samosas or sambosek, these are irresistible pastry pockets world wide.

Dry figs milkshake

Dry figs milkshake is a healthy, creamy and delicious drink made from dried figs. It is a great energy supplement that provides you with a quick boost of energy. This milkshake is extremely rich in iron and calcium, it will instantly charge you up. This dry fruit milkshake works best even when you are fasting, keeping you full!

This milkshake has a great health quotient too. The almonds help in lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels, pistachios promote weight loss and eye and blood vessel health.

It is perfect for Pregnant Mothers

Figs and walnut milkshake is very healthy. It is loaded with potassium, omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids.

Actually this milkshake was inspired from the dates milkshake.

Chicken Kofta

Kofta kebab is kebab (skewers) made with ground meat and lots of seasonings and fresh herbs. They're super flavorful and juicy. It is the perfect Mediterranean meal that you can eat on its own, in a pita sandwich, hummus or rice bowls.

These chicken skewers are a healthier, lighter version of the classic Kofta kebab.

It is usually made with ground lamb. They sometimes have other ground meat mixed in, such as ground beef, turkey, or ground chicken.

It is super quick and easy to prepare, flavorful, healthy. Just pulse everything in the food processor, form into long thin logs or patties, grill and serve.

The smell alone is truly worth it!

The combination of the garlic and ginger, parsley with the spices is simply irresistible.

Mix and match with salads, dips and veggies or wrap into a sandwich with tahini sauce, lots of fresh mint and juicy tomatoes.

Syrian Chicken Fatteh

This Chicken Fatteh is a popular Arabic dish that comes from the Arabic word "crumbs" referring to a genre of Middle Eastern foods where the torn up leftover stale bread is typically used in it In its simplest form. Fatteh originates from the levant and can usually be made with chicken, beef, eggplant, just chickpeas, with or without rice.

Chicken fatteh consists of three layers. The base of shredded bread soaked in stock, middle layer of the main ingredient and finally a yogurt and tahini sauce topping. Bread can be used fresh in some types of fatteh and fried in others. The middle layer could be one of many. Chickpeas, chicken, stuffed aubergines. Sometimes they fry the bread and a fourth layer of cooked rice is added.

Samaka Harra (Syrian Spiced Fish)

The traditional food in Syria is similar to other cuisines like the Levant, Lebanese and middle-eastern cuisines. Close to this cultural diversity, Syrian cuisine is an amalgamation of various culinary styles. Some of these dishes are piquant, some colorful and some not so much. However, all these foods have an exquisite taste that would leave you wanting more.

Samaka Harra originated from the Syrian and Mediterranean coast . It is a very simple dish. In Lebanon, Samke Harra is made by baked fish with a spicy tahini sauce and other spices and ingredients, but in Syria, the dish is made by baking cleaned fish with a garnish of spicy tomato sauce. The sauce is made using garlic, onions, pepper, salt, and tomatoes. Add a generous layer of the sauce over the fish and its cuts, add olive oil and bake for an hour or more until the fish is fully cooked in the sauce and the oil oozes out to the pan. The cooked fish is absolutely delicious and melting soft that it will leave your taste buds wanting more.