Moussaka is a word of Arabic origin. It means "chilled" as the dish is served at room temperature. 

The common theme between all the different versions of Moussaka around the world is the two main ingredients: aubergine and tomatoes. In Damascus Moussaka is served as a side dish or as part of mezze and strictly vegetarian. In some other parts of Syria ground meat is added and the dish is served as a main. In Lebanon chickpeas are a common extra. The Turkish and Egyptian versions call for ground meat and the Greek one is with the traditional layers and white sauce topping. 

Spinach fatayer

 Fatayer  is a staple of Syrian cuisine, it is dough made by mixing flour and water filled with different types (meat, cheese or spinach).

Spinach fatayer is made with onions, sumac, paprika, salt, pepper, and cayenne. It is lightly coated in a lemon and olive oil before sealing inside circles of dough and baking until golden and flaky.

Spinach fatayer are a wonderful food, tasty, full of nutrients, vitamins, and fiber. And the small size of fatayer makes it a perfect appetizer or light snack.

Although there are traditional fillings, For example, with this spinach fatayer, you could add some crumbly feta cheese if wanted or something similar.

Syrian Sleek Dish

Sleek is a traditional vegetarian food in Syria, because of it has a delicious taste and high nutritional value.

Traditionally, many Syrians used to eat it with families, and it is considered Perfect Peasant Food.

This dish is easy to make and has great flavor. The basic ingredients are kale, black-eyed peas, onions, and bulgur wheat.  The best part of this dish is the caramelized onion.  You need to cook the onions slowly on a medium-low heat, and this slow cooking causes the sugars in the onions' layers to caramelize steadily (not burn) and becoming golden and delicious .The hardest part in this recipe is the dry black eyed peas( you can boil it for one hour).

There are lots of ways to make this Syrian sleek dish

Baklava Baked Apples with Nuts and Honey

Baklava Baked Apples is a sweet apple cored in the middle and filled with baklava dough, nuts and honey, then baked perfectly.

It is Syrian classic flavored healthy dish which combine the smooth taste of honey with walnut and of course, the pure joy of pistachio. It is heavenly aromatic and tastes very very delicious.

These easy baked baklava apples are the perfect combination of spices, nuts, honey, and of course apples. Be sure to make more of the filling and serve it on the side, probably with an extra scoop of vanilla ice cream.

 Back in the old days, Baklava was a food that only rich people could afford, but today it is sold in many stores nationwide and better yet, make your own baklava:

Chicken with Chickpeas stew

Chicken with Chickpeas stew is a very popular dish in Syria and the Levant area, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine. It is often flavored with spices that are frequently used in Middle Eastern dishes like turmeric, cinnamon, tomato sauce, cumin and coriander.

A traditional Syrian stew of Chicken with Chickpeas is considered a staple food and is very rich in benefits because it contains all nutrients, in addition to its wonderful taste.

This stew of fragrant, tender pieces of chicken thigh, chickpeas, and spice-infused tomato sauce.