Chicken with macaroni


  1Kg of chicken breast cut into cubes

  Box of boiled pasta small size

  Two tablespoons tomato sauce

   4 tomatoes finely chopped

  1 green pepper cut into cubes

Ylangy (grape leaves with oil)


   Grape leaves as needed

   2 large onions finely chopped

   2 crushed garlic

   Vegetable oil as needed

Cake on gas


    300 grams finely sifted

    150 g sugar

    3 eggs

    120 grams butter

Potato Kibbeh


    Kg boiled potatoes

    Kg minced meat

    250 g boiled rice

    100 grams of bread flour

    Half teaspoon turmeric

Fried potato balls with turmeric


    A cup of flour

    5 mashed potatoes

    Spices as desired

    Tablespoon turmeric

    Spoon Baking Powder