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Syrian Hushwee (Rice with Chicken)

Hushweet jaj is a classic Syrian recipe; .It is a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine as a humble, flavor-packed dish. Hushwee means (stuffing). It is the foundation of many classic Syrian dishes such as stuffed Eggplant, sfeehas (Syrian Meat Pies) or shishbarak. At Christmas, we stuff the turkey with Hushwee and also we love to eat it on top of mashed potatoes with gravy.

Hushweet jaj is a ground beef mixture with long grain rice. It is cooked in ghee and seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice then topped with shredded chicken and toasted pine nuts.

Serve it with a Syrian Green Salad or cucumber yogurt with dried mint, garlic.

Grilled Kibbeh

Kibbe refers to a variety of “meat balls” from Syria and the Middle East. Fine bulgur is the main ingredient for kibbeh, and it is mixed in different proportions with spices and raw meat of sheep or calf “habra” (Habra: Lean red meat). And that are either fried, baked, stewed, BBQ’d or eaten raw. There are many different ways of preparing and cooking Kibbe and there is a vegetarian Kibbe variety as well which are made from chickpeas or squash. Syrian villages boast dozens of different Kibbe recipes.

Almost any feast or any joyous occasion that enters any Syrian household does not overlook grilled kibbeh. It is prepared in Syria on religious holidays, whether Christian or Muslim, and when a family member travels, their bag must contain several pieces. When two families get to know each other and on the occasion of engagement or marriage, a large feast is prepared in which the origins of the two families are called and this tabletop has kibbeh of all kinds. Grilled kibbeh has become an important demand for Syrian expatriates, who are looking for its ingredients or somewhere to make it wherever they are.

Grilled kibbeh is a well-known dish in all Syrian regions and every region has worked to add special flavors to it according to the nature of the gourmet of the meal.

The preparation of the luxurious grilled kibbeh is a delicate process and requires teamwork for excellence and perhaps the preparation and making process creates very beautiful family ties.

Barazek “Honey pistachio sesame cookies”

Barazek is a delicious Syrian cookie and it is a typical Syrian culinary specialty -   very famous in Damascus. These cookies are also very popular in Homs and Aleppo, with sesame seeds and crushed pistachios, flavored with spices, vanilla and honey.

Barazek is originally a Syrian pastry, but the recipe has spread widely throughout the Middle East, including Lebanon and Jordan. It is now common to find the famous sesame biscuits in many Mediterranean countries, exploring local shops and tea shops.

Traditionally, it is in Syrian bakeries that you can find the best barazek. They are sold in a pre-packaged form in metal boxes, to maximize shelf life. These biscuits are known as a part of local culture and traditions.

These crunchy biscuits are made of fine sweet dough, very rich in butter and without egg. The texture is sandy and melting. Some barazek recipes use clarified butter or ghee.

Each cookie is generously covered with a layer of roasted sesame seeds on one side and crushed pistachios on the other. Honey syrup delicately coats the sesame seeds and brings back an extra sweet flavor.


Syrian crunchy deep-fried small pastries filled with various fillings, usually ground meat or cheese. Depending on the type of dough used, they either have a crescent shape, or a triangular one. Unlike shishbarak whose origins people disagree about, Sambosek originated in Syria and made its way to the rest of the world to be the more popular Indian samosas and Latin American empanadas. Can you believe it? Samosas and empanadas were actually inspired by our humble Sambosek.

Sambosek is one of the most popular and elegant appetizers -especially in Ramadan and it is perfect for the parties or dinner table. These little meat pockets appeal to all ages with their juicy filling and flaky crust. You can also use puff pastry to fill them with chicken, rice and beans for a vegetarian version or cream cheese and green onions.

Whether you call them fatayer, turnovers, empanadas, samosas or sambosek, these are irresistible pastry pockets world wide.

Dry figs milkshake

Dry figs milkshake is a healthy, creamy and delicious drink made from dried figs. It is a great energy supplement that provides you with a quick boost of energy. This milkshake is extremely rich in iron and calcium, it will instantly charge you up. This dry fruit milkshake works best even when you are fasting, keeping you full!

This milkshake has a great health quotient too. The almonds help in lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels, pistachios promote weight loss and eye and blood vessel health.

It is perfect for Pregnant Mothers

Figs and walnut milkshake is very healthy. It is loaded with potassium, omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids.

Actually this milkshake was inspired from the dates milkshake.