On July 17, 2007, His Excellency, President Bashar Al-Assad took the Constitutional Oath before the Syrian Parliament , for a new 7-year presidential term, following H. E. landslide victory of the May-2007-held Presidential Referendum, with a 97, 62 YES by 95.86 percent of the Syrian 12 million voters.

 President Al-Assad delivered the much-awaited for Presidential- New- Term Inauguration Speech, to the standing ovation of Syria’s 250-member Parliament. H. E. outlined in his speech some of the achievements realized in Syria during his first 7-year presidential term, with particular reference to the process of reforms, and modernization of Syria.

President Al-Assad gave optimistic figures and statistics regarding what has been achieved in different economic, social medical, financial aspects, pledging to continue and speed up the process of reforms, notwithstanding the pressures exerted against Syria . Of no less importance was President Al-Assad reiterated commitment to the realization of just and comprehensive peace in the region, calling on Israel, to declare its real desire for the realization of such peace: announcing officially and clearly guaranteeing their withdrawal from the occupied Syrian Golan Heights to the line of June 4, 1967.

" We are firm to our stances and preparedness for the just and comprehensive peace on the basis of relevant International Legitimacy; ready for the resumption of peace negotiations on the basis of the principle of " the land for peace", and the full return of the Golan Heights to the line of June 4, 1967." 

" The real peace which endures has a cost less by hundreds of that of the occupation" added President Al-Assad reiterating the region urgent need for stability and security, reiterating that Syria does not favor ‘secret negotiations’ and the need is for ‘ an Israeli clear, serious official declaration’ regarding the desire for peace, suggesting a written-pledge regarding withdrawal from the Syrian Golan Heights to the line of June 4, 1967, citing the Israeli Premier, Mr. Rabin written pledge as to withdraw from the Syrian Golan Heights to the line of June 4, 1967; welcoming whatever third-party efforts to this effect hence Syria, " has direct interest in peace process" denying some Israeli claims regarding the Syrian want for peace " as to alleviate pressures".

President Al-Assad blasted the unjustified pressures, put by some countries, on Syria, as having negative impact on the Syrian process of reform and modernization, calling for a serious sincere dialogue , instead of merely conveying messages. 

 Regarding Iraq, H. E. President Al-Assad underscored that "the inability of the occupation forces to provide the minimum limit of security"; reiterating the need for "national reconciliation", on the basis of the dialogue among all its citizens, and a "timed-schedule for the withdrawal of occupation forces", pledging continued support to "the Iraqi brotherly People". 

Regarding Palestine, President Al-Assad voiced sorrow for what has been taking place; calling for Palestinian Unity in the face of the Israeli Occupation, declaring the Syrian preparedness as to exert efforts among the Palestinian brothers. 

His Excellency, the President the underlined the urgent need for a just balanced and even-handed world international and mechanism and legitimacy ; where, unfortunately, " the International Community lacks the serious will when it comes to our rights," and where " a big power controls" in the absence of an "international policy" for justice conditions, and where "some European countries conditioned their policy to that of the United States,". 

Domestically, President Al-Assad highly lauded the Syrian Citizens " giant national unity" , pledging to be up to their choice, trust, and the great responsibility, asserting that " the challenges have made us -the Syrians- stronger and more able to confront " and withstand standing challenges; " The strong State is so through the strength of its citizens and their all-participation" where every citizen " knows his/her duties, as much as knowing rights,", and where every citizen " takes part -in the process of development and stability- as a main player,". 

H. E., the president underlined that " raising the standard of living" , " increasing of wages and salaries, whenever the sources are available" is the " right for every citizen", and " the duty of the State". To the strong acclamation of the Parliament members, H. E. President Al-Assad pledged to continue the efforts as " to provide the appropriate political and political climate, build strong basics for the national economy" as to " improve sustainable standards of living" pointing to the hundreds of laws and legislations made for this purpose during the last seven years. 

Transparently, and in a scientific-statistical style, as the habit characterizing President Al-Assad discourse, H. E. points out that the economic growth rate reached to 5,1 in the year 2006, the Budget reached to 588 billion SP, with an increase of 113 billion SP, the salaries increased by 125 percent, more 45 new hospitals, 350 medical centres, more than 2500 schools, 8 private universities were built; where 70000 new teachers were employed, the Syrian foreign debts were settled from 160 percent in the year 2000, ( 20) billion dollar to ( 3) billion currently, making of Syria the country of the less foreign debt among the world countries. Further, President Al-Assad pledged to continue the amendment, and issuance of new reform laws and legislations, beside those issued in the fields of taxation, finance, monetary, investment, industry, and the like. H. E. President Al-Assad underlined continued work in the fields of administrative reform, educational, scientific research upgrading and reforms. 

The President declared that the process of the ongoing political reforms process in the country, notwithstanding the pressures and challenges, is to go forward, noting that the Charter of the National Progressive Front- grouping the Syrian active political parties, was improved, its action and role boosted, new parties joined the Front; "The preservation of security and tranquility, the safeguarding of stable life are the pillars national sovereignty, dignity, prosperity, and development," underlined President Al-Assad noting that democracy is " a group of integrated aspects, which to be developed altogether, as a means for development, prosperity and construction." 

The President promised as to speed up further the ongoing political reform process, where a special law for political parties, is to be issued, consultation council to be created enlarging decision-taking circle, local administration law to be improved, solving some citizenship issues dating back to the year 1962 , administrative infrastructure boosted, information law amended, within the framework of a team-spirit team in line with the Syrians desire and aspiration for development, growth and prosperity; pledging the more regarding unemployment, investment promotion, more of care for the Arab Language , as a means in the modernization process, women active and real role bolstering and corruption combating, where new mechanisms, control, evaluation and supervision moral education and upbringing , administrative reforms are needed as to get it uprooted.

H. E., President Al-Assad lauded highly the Syrian Citizens and prisoners in the Golan Heights, under the yoke of occupation, steadfastness and national stances " inside the steadfast Golan, which would , and I am quite certain of that, return to  Syria, the mother homeland,"

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim