Rehabilitation of well 9 feeding Palmyra orchards

The Directorate of Water Resources in Homs completed the rehabilitation and restoration of well 9 that feeds the orchards of Palmyra, which was sabotaged as a result of the attacks of the terrorist organization "ISIS".

The Director of Water Resources in Homs, Ismail Ismail, said in a statement to SANA that Well 9 feeds palm and olive trees in Palmyra oasis. It pumps 100 liters per second, and its cost amounted to 28 million Syrian pounds. The well was put in work after making sure that the required experiments were carried out on it and that its water reached the required area

Ismail pointed out that the work included installing a pump, repairing pipes for drawing water to the high tank, which is about 200 meter-long, in addition to replacing electrical panels, installing cables, an electrical transmission center, and building special rooms for administrators and guards.

Various Economic and Service Projects are in Progress by Military Housing Establishment

Multiple projects  have been implemented successfully  by the Military Housing  Establishment  thanks to the relentless efforts exerted by  its management and its workers, engineers and technicians.

The establishment  has  become both a  pioneer and unique   in all its construction, industrial, service and agricultural fields  at the level of Syria and the Arab region , especially  during the  nine-years  terrorist war on Syria as  the establishment  didn’t stop working and  continued to implement its projects. 

13 new schools opened in liberated areas in Syria's Idlib countryside

IDLIB, (ST)_As the new academic year has started in Syria, thirteen new schools  have  reopened after being rehabilitated in the areas liberated by Syrian army in Idleb countryside to contain all pupils in the region.
According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), the new schools are located in Khan Shekhoun, Maarret al-No'aman and Saraqeb areas and the total number of schools in the liberated areas in Idlib has reached 63.

Starting a voluntary Project to Rehabilitate the Watercourse of the Historic Afqa spring in Palmyra

Palmyra, (ST)- With the participation of the local community, Homs Governorate, Palmyra City Council and the Antiquities Directorate , a voluntary project to clean and rehabilitate the stream of the historic Afqa Spring and remove the dust and stones left by the terrorists from the entrance and inside the tunnel was started.

The project aims to restore the flow of spring water that flowed last April for the first time after a drought that lasted for about 25 years and to revive this archaeological tourist facility, which was one of the reasons for the existence of Palmyra and the gathering of mankind in this region for more than six thousand years.

Member of the Executive Office for the Water and Irrigation Sector in Homs Governorate, Kamal Al -Hallaq, stated in a statement to SANA that this project which is being carried out with the initiative of the people of the region who work manually to avoid damaging this archaeological site .Their work involves isolating and cleaning the stairs and the course of the cave. This is important because it contributes to the revival of the spring's water and the continuation of its flow towards the thirsty orchards of Palmyra oasis .He indicated that a technical schedule has been set for this important project until the Afqa spring returns as it was before.

107 Electricity transmission centers are rehabilitated in Aleppo

ALEPPO, (ST)_ The General Electricity Company in Aleppo city has rehabilitated and repaired 107 transmission centers that were damaged during the war of terror on the city.
The company's director said that electricity will reach more than 7 liberated districts in Aleppo city, referring to the fact that maintenance teams are working now in the vicinity of the city and in Aleppo countryside to provide the people, who return to their homes, with electricity.