Articles and intellectual researches on the aggression on Syria in "Al-fikr al-Seyasi" magazine

Damascus, ST- Various articles and intellectual researches of the aggressive war on Syria and its continuing repercussions are included in the new issue of the quarterly "Al-Fikr al-Seyasi" (political thought) magazine.

The magazine is published by the Arab Writers Union. In its editorial, editor-in-chief, Dr. Jaber Salman, touched on the new Ottomanism and its similarity with the Zionist extremist line.

The translation section in the magazine contains a study by the American writer Robert Roth entitled "What is really happening in Syria.. Who started the war", translated by Dr. Hussein Aziz Saleh and dealt with the reality of aggression against Syria, which was planned by America and funded by the Saudi and Qatari regimes.

The magazine also included several articles related to the repercussions of the aggressive war on Syria and current issues, including the "Syrian national identity.. challenges of fate " by Dr. Farouk Isleem. The "Cultural Identity",  by Dr. Issa Darwish, “Western Orientalism and the Zionist Project” by Dr. Akram Al-Shelly, “Syrian-Iranian Relations” by Dr. Abdullah Al-Shaher, “The Concept of Eurasian Creed and its Future” by Dr. Turki Saqr and “The State of the Knights of Malta” by Zubair Sultan.