Al-Mafa'lani hill gathers the splendor of nature and archaeological importance

The city of Sweida has several archaeological and tourist Tels (hills) that are distinguished for their magnificent views and great historical importance which make them an important destination for all those interested in exploration and adventure.

Among these hills is Tel al-Mafa'lani which  lies in Mafa'la village, 10 kms off Sweida province raising about 1440 meters above sea level.

The conic and circular Tel has a large base that includes a volcano crater. Director of Tourism in Sweida Y'rub al-Erbid said that this crater is considered among the oldest extinct craters in the Middle East and it is surrounded by various kinds of trees.

He added that the Tel has preserved its original shape and it carries the name of an important battle in which our ancestors bravely defeated the Ottoman Turks.

Al-Erbid pointed out that the Ministry of Tourism has put a plan to invest in the site as part of the exploration and adventure tourism.