In a detailed report on its civilization and heritage ... a Czech website describes Palmyra as the jewel of the desert

Prague, ST- The Czech Svetiobiagnik  website described the city of Palmyra as "the jewel of the desert", explaining that its beauty and fame come not only from its splendid monuments, but also because its name is related to Queen Zenobia, who was a model for a "beautiful, brave and ambitious" woman.

The website said in an expanded report published today that the city of Palmyra witnessed a golden age when Queen Zenobia ruled it, where she transformed the city from the dependency of Rome into an independent kingdom.

The website also added that Zenobia had made historical achievements when she refused to submit to Rome and became independent and began to expand her kingdom and managed to defeat the Roman army.

The website showed that Zenobia proceeded with its ambitious policy through declaring independence from the Roman Empire, and she printed a special currency in Palmyra and worked to develop the Kingdom in various fields, which made its antiquities a visible witness to its ancient civilization and history.