A promenade Monitors the Beauty and natural Diversity of Tartous

With the participation of eighty people of different ages ,  the "Sendian" Society has organized a walking tour  in order to shed light on the wonderful touristic sites in Tartous that form an important part of Syria’s tourist map..

The walking tour comes within the framework of supporting and promoting adventure tourism and environmental exploration , which has witnessed notable growth recently.

 “ the walking tour  started from  “Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ajami” area in the north-east of the city of Tartous, where the participants went to the east to reach “Al-Multaqa” Square in the village of Khirbet Al-Faras, which includes a miniature model of Masyaf  Castle” Head of  Sendian society Suhad Ali told SANA.

The participants  visited several places on the banks of   “Al-Khawabi”  River, “ Bait Dibeh” village passing through  the most unique fresh springs. 

Al-Khawabi River is located about 15 km  east of Tartous, surrounded by many popular parks and restaurants that provide different services to visitors . The nature of the area surrounding the river is characterized by its beauty, as willow trees spread along its banks and give the place a special magic.

 Ali told SANA that the society has carried out  several environmental and recreational activities since its foundation two years ago to raise awareness about  the importance of preserving the environment with all its components.

The participants underscored the importance of these activities in shedding light on the richness and distinctiveness of the Syrian nature.

 They  considered that the most important message of the environmental activity is to preserve the diversity of the plant cover and provide the participants an exciting experience.

Rawaa Ghanam