The Syrian Exploration and Documentation Society Discusses the investment of Al-Samra coast in Lattakia

The project  of investing and rehabilitating the coast of  Al-Samra town in Lattakia was the focus of the event, which was  organized by the Syrian  Exploration and Documentation Society, "I am Syrian"..

About 250 volunteers from  different Syrian university students with multiple specializations took part in the activity.

The Secretary General of the society   Khaled Nwelati told  SANA  that this activity  aims   at supporting internal  tourism ,  revitalizing volunteer work and shedding light on the natural, topographic and environmental components  in Syria.


He  pointed  out that the  volunteers, who took part in the event,  were divided into  groups and committees, each of which presented a study according to their  specialization.

Nwilati explained that the targeted coast is located on the separating point between Latakia and the usurped Alexandretta ( Liwa  Iskenderun )  by Turkey.

The coast  is a small bay that extends approximately 120 meters to the south of al- Samra police station which is located on a massive rocky cliff thus forming  a distinct natural barrier.

Nwilati pointed out that the project was carried out in cooperation with a number of government establishments  and it will be implemented in stages.

The first  stage includes the preparation of the necessary studies for the region and the services required to be a tourist site. The second stage will depend on  media promotion of the site to be a tourist destination while the third stage includes identifying  development projects to serve the residents of the region.

On his part, Head  of the society ’s emergency team, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Kafri, underscored  that the beach possesses all the tourist potentials due to its beautiful nature ,  its proximity to the mountain and its sandy beach.

Dr. Al-Kafri  stressed that the aim of investing al-Samara coast  is to provide the necessary services to be a site for eco-tourism at low costs..


Rawaa Ghanam