In a detailed report on its civilization and heritage ... a Czech website describes Palmyra as the jewel of the desert

Prague, ST- The Czech Svetiobiagnik  website described the city of Palmyra as "the jewel of the desert", explaining that its beauty and fame come not only from its splendid monuments, but also because its name is related to Queen Zenobia, who was a model for a "beautiful, brave and ambitious" woman.

The website said in an expanded report published today that the city of Palmyra witnessed a golden age when Queen Zenobia ruled it, where she transformed the city from the dependency of Rome into an independent kingdom.

Al-Mafa'lani hill gathers the splendor of nature and archaeological importance

The city of Sweida has several archaeological and tourist Tels (hills) that are distinguished for their magnificent views and great historical importance which make them an important destination for all those interested in exploration and adventure.

Among these hills is Tel al-Mafa'lani which  lies in Mafa'la village, 10 kms off Sweida province raising about 1440 meters above sea level.

A beautiful holiday destination

Meshquita; treasure trove of sparkling springs and lush forests

Lattakia is known as the bride of the Mediterranean, and sees a steady stream of tourists from inside and outside Syria, who are attracted to it because of its rich terrain and natural beauty. When you look over Lattakia from above, you cannot take your eyes off the amazing scenery - from the shining blue sea, the majestic mountains or the hills and valleys scattered around like clouds. Now more intrepid tourists are discovering the relatively unexplored city of Meshquita, which is towards the north east of Latakia, and where ever more breathtaking scenery awaits you as you make your way through green mountains that descend into hillside embracing the North big river.

Homs Is Witnessing A Gradual Improvement in Tourism Sector

With the growth of various tourism activities and the return of about 70 percent of tourist facilities to service throughout the province of Homs, the number of tourists has increased by 47 percent compared to last year, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Tourism.

 Homs Tourism Director, Eng. Ahmad Akash talked about the various tourism potentials of Homs, such as ecological, religious, cultural and social tourism, as well as the presence of many important archaeological sites such as Palmyra, Al-Hosn Castle, the monasteries and archaeological churches, including the Church of Um Al-Zanar.

Czech magazine: Hijaz station is cultural heritage and one of the most beautiful buildings in Damascus

Prague,ST- The Czech  magazine (people and States), which specializes in tourism has described the Hijaz station in Damascus as one of the most beautiful buildings in the city and it is considered a cultural heritage, noting its distinguished history, design and decor.

The magazine pointed out in a report that the station included four large color images that  it was built in 1917, and  that the Spanish architect Fernando de Aranada, who designed the building  in which he combined the European and eastern style construction.