Qandil valley Enchanting beach ….. Famous honey

It’s believed that the name came from a large lamp which used to be placed as a cursor to the fishermen when approaching from the beach. It was a very large lamp which illuminates a large area of sea water and beach sand, and was placed either on the hills overlooking the village, from the side of birds mother village or on those hills that surround the area of Islam tower adjacent to the village.

Beach of Qandil valley is a beautiful place frequented by visitors to enjoy the sea water and the beauty of the mountain. It is a low spot of land which embraces some rivers as a result of the ongoing flood from Laurent dam near it, and on the northern side of it there is the sea.

An exploratory survey of the location of "Wadi al-Kohoof", Caves Valley in Halboun

Damascus,ST- Within the vision of the Ministry of Tourism to create new tourist destinations to include them on the tourist map, the Syrian Society for Exploration and Documentation carried out an exploratory survey of the location of Wadi Al-Kohoof in Halboun, in the Damascus countryside, in order to highlight  and document the archaeological caves in it. Several activities have already been carried out in this mountainous area to determine the nature of this valley and the possibility of preparing  sites for some mountain sports.

It is worth mentioning that the hills of Halboun are one of the most exotic and exceptional natural sites that are very rich in biodiversity at the level of geological nature and the topography of the earth, in addition to the presence of important archaeological and historical sites in this area.

Bzourieh market in the heart of Damascus: Sweetened, perfumed and … healing

Souk Bzourieh: One of the largest roofed bazaars inside the old city, crossing souk Madhat Pasha in a cross called Madanat alShahm, and ends near Azem Palace. It was built during the Seleucid period 1057 AD, and renewed in the Ottoman period by Husein Nazem Pasha 1895-1911 who has a good hand in covering most of the old souks of Damascus.

In Bzourieh one can buy all kinds of candies, dried fruit, candles of all sizes and colors, in addition to spices and medical herbs.

Damascus is famous for its historical markets, where beside the famous Hamidiya market, other markets, including the Bzourieh market, which receives customers and transmit smells of spices, dried fruits, candies, and carefully selected medical herbs and perfumes.

Tourist Diversity And The Factors Encouraging it

Tourist Investments In Syria will flourish again

Tourism is an old human trend that developed with time. Scientific advance, the development of transportation, and the hard labor of the present way of living, necessitated the development of tourism as an opportunity for relaxation, for enjoying the beauty of nature, and for enhancing the cultural awareness of the human civilizations, for satisfying an insight curiosity of knowing the traditions and habits of other peoples. We can say now that the world is living the third revolution, taking into consideration the agricultural was the first one, the industrial as the second , and the information as the newest and the fourth revolution. According to the expectations of the futurist John Yanbezt the twenty first century will be a century of three service revolutions : communications, information and traveling and tourism.

Syria is at the threshold of entering the regional race in the sector of tourism especially that it has a strategic location and unique tourist treasures things that qualify her to win the race although there are countries that occupy advanced positions in this course.

11 Investment Projects Dedicated to Homs city at the Investment Forum

Homs, (ST) - New projects have been launched within the Tourism Investment Forum which has recently been held in Tartous governorate.

Homs Tourism Director, Eng. Ahmed Akkash said that five of these projects are for the city of Homs, six other projects for Palmyra. The number of these investment projects is (62) distributed in most Syrian cities.

With regard to the places of implementation of these projects, Akash said: The first project is in Palmyra, (Suryanta Complex), which is a commercial tourist complex with its accessories; (swimming pools, playgrounds, aquarium).The project total area is about 100 dunums.