A promenade monitors the beauty and natural diversity of Syria's coastal area

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism, the Syrian Exploration and Documentation Society ( SEDS) organized a walking tour to draw a sea-mountain tourism route that goes through several tourist areas in Lattakia in order to shed light on the wonderful tourist sites that form an important part of Syria's tourism map.

The walking tour comes within the framework of supporting and promoting adventure tourism and environmental exploration, which has witnessed notable growth recently, head of the Tourism Marketing and Promotion Department at Lattakia’s Tourism Directorate, Eng. Firas Wardi said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

Achievement of the main and secondary wave breakers in the port of Ras al-basit in Lattakia

The main and secondary wave breakers were inaugurated today in Ras Al-Basit port in Lattakia after being expanded and rehabilitated to receive fishing and tourism boats at a cost of about two billion SP. This projects comes within the plan of expanding and developing maritime navigation services.

The project of the General Directorate of Ports provides marine protection to the port basin from waves and storms and contributes to avoid marine disasters and investment of areas in addition to opening investments and development projects in the region.

Tourism in Syria is recovering: Russian Newspaper

Eight years after the crisis in Syria, the number of Russian tourists has increased marking the recovery of the country’s tourism, according to the Russian Kommersant newspaper. The newspaper said that some Russian tourist companies have launched regular flights to Syria.

In its report issued today, the newspaper clarified that Syria's tourism is promising and it is currently flourishing, indicating that thousands of Russian tourists wish to visit Syria.

Al Rastan.... Pages From History

A city in the center of the Orontes Valley located on a mound 20 km north of Homs. It is an ancient city that belongs to the second half of the second millennium BC.  A Hieroglyphic - Hittite board was discovered in it bearing the name of  Arkholetti Bin Toui, king of Hama. The city prospered during the  Aramaic Hellenistic eras and during the Roman age it was ruled by an Arab clan called Shmsigram and became an important cultural center, evidences of which are the mosaics and sarcophaguses discovered lately in it.

Qandil valley Enchanting beach ….. Famous honey

It’s believed that the name came from a large lamp which used to be placed as a cursor to the fishermen when approaching from the beach. It was a very large lamp which illuminates a large area of sea water and beach sand, and was placed either on the hills overlooking the village, from the side of birds mother village or on those hills that surround the area of Islam tower adjacent to the village.

Beach of Qandil valley is a beautiful place frequented by visitors to enjoy the sea water and the beauty of the mountain. It is a low spot of land which embraces some rivers as a result of the ongoing flood from Laurent dam near it, and on the northern side of it there is the sea.