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"Jabal Al-Sayeh", The Icon of Wadi al-Nadara's Villages

Overlooking the villages of Wadi Al-Nadarah in Homs with all its tourist and archeological attractions, including Al-Hosn Fort and Margirgios Monastery, Jabal Al-Sayeh forms the third icon that characterizes the region.

Jabal Al-Sayeh (the Mount of the Pilgrim), which is about 1000 meters above sea level, was mentioned in the book "al-Naserah and Qalat al-Hosn in History" by Raja Al-Hawali. The writer mentioned that the mountain was known as Jabal Al-Bahra', but its name "pilgrim" is due to an ancient belief that one of the monks, who was called Thomas Homsi came to the region in the sixth century AD and was preaching and guiding people. So he built a hermitage next to a spring on the top of the mountain.

Syria, Cuba sign cooperation agreement in tourism sector

Havana, (ST) – Syria and Cuba have signed an agreement for cooperation in the tourism field. The agreement was signed in Havana on Tuesday by Cuban Tourism Minister Juan Carlos Garcìa Granda and the Syrian Ambassador in Havana  Dr. Idris Mayya.

Garcia Granda hailed the tourism factors which Syria enjoys, voicing his confidence over the return of stability and security to all Syrian territories.

He affirmed the importance of implementing the agreement in terms of benefiting from the two countries’ experiences and remarkable elements and capabilities in the tourism field.

The National Association for Tourism Development in Syria Launches open-ended Initiative in Lattakia to Reactivate Tourism Sector

The National Association for Tourism Development in Syria has recently launched a voluntary initiative in Lattakia city and its countryside with the aim of reactivating the tourism sector and attracting the tourists’ to the most picturesque scenes in Lattakia countryside.

Shedding light on this initiative, which includes a number of workshops that were carried out in the province, Syriatimes e-newspaper interviewed Mrs. Sahar Hmaisheh, the executive director of the association in Lattakia. She said “Lattakia’s rich history and culture, its natural diversity as well as its historic and archaeological attractions have made the province an important tourist destination”.

Cham Wings Airlines at the FITUR 2020 in Madrid

Madrid,(ST) –Cham Wings Airlines is participating in the FITUR 2020 International Tourism and Travel fair, that is taking place between the 22th and 26th of January in the Spanish capital, Madrid, within the pavilion of the Ministry of Tourism.

According to a statement by the company, “the company’s participation in the fair this year as well as last year aims at affirming Syria's presence in all local and international tourism forums and activities in order to keep Syria on the global tourism map. It also aims at enhancing the company's active role as a private national air carrier working to promote Syria’s great civilization everywhere.”

Syria's participation in "FITUR 2020" a message of peace from the cradle of civilization to the world

MADRID, (ST)- The international tourism trade fair, " FITUR 2020" kicked  off on Wednesday in the Spanish capital Madrid with the participation of Syria.

 The event was opened by Queen Letizya of Spain and will continue till January 26th.   

Syria is taking part in " FITUR 2020" for the third year after the terrorist war waged on it.

More than 11000 company from 165 countries and provinces are taking part in this fair.

In a statement to the Spanish official TV, Syria's Assistant Minster of Tourism Geyath al-Farrah said that "Syria's participation in the fair is a message from the Syrian people to all countries of the world declaring the end of the terrorist war the Syrians have been suffering from since 2011 and that destroyed the Syrian infrastructure and vital sectors including tourism."