Syria will establish new sea port in South Tartous

The Ministry of Transport constituted a committee of many parties concerned to study the issue of setting up a multi-purpose port at al-Hamidiyah area in Tartous Governorate. The committee’s task will be determining the location of port.

The committee comprises representatives of the Regional Planning Commission, the International Cooperation and Planning Commission, the Ministry of Local Administration, the Ministry of Tourism and Homs Governorate.  

Many foreign companies made many offers in this regard, most of important was the contract offered by the Iranian Katam al-Anbia’a company.

Andre Parrot “Every human has two homes, his own and Syria”.

In the middle of the fifth Century BC, in his book “History” the Greek historian Herodotus attracted the attention of the Greeks to another world located on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean; a world full of charm and beauty, and said it is necessary to explore it and discover its details. These words left a great desire in the west towards the East which, with the passage of time, it became the symbol of magic, dreams, philosophy, veiled women, Arabian Nights, Scheherazade and Shehriar, and above all, charm and ecstasy. To explore this magic Orient and its geographical attractions many European travelers ventured into it during the last three hundred years to reveal some of its secrets. These travelers came under various titles: orientalists, discoverers, archaeologists, and philosophers looking for common human heritage between the West and the East. Many of them documented their impressions and findings in poetry books, portraits and historical texts now filling book shops of Europe.

The 2nd Sydnaya Tourism Festival

The city of Sednaya is famous for its beautiful nature and archaeological, historical and religious sites, including the monastery of Our Lady of Sednaya, the Monastery of St. George, the Monastery of St. Thomas, the Monastery of the Cherubim and a number of historical churches as well as many distinguished tourist buildings.

A few days ago Sydnaya witnessed the launching of the 2nd Sydnaya Tourism Festival which was held by the Ministry of Tourism and the province of Damascus countryside. The opening was attended by Secretary of the Damascus Branch of the Baath Arab Socialist Party Radwan Mustafa and a number of members of the People's Assembly.

Syrian governorates witness tourism festivals again

The tourism festivals have kicked off again in some Syrian governorates after stopping for many years because of the war. This summer has witnessed the organization of a large number of festivals since 2012.

These festivals are working to convey a message represented in casting light on restoring normal life to many areas and governorates and attracting citizens to attend the festivals as well as reactivating the economic and social life in these areas.

Before organizing more festivals, the Ministry of Tourism will cooperate with the governorates and administrative units to review results of the festivals organized in the liberated areas which still need large sums of money for rehabilitation. The festivals will have negative impact on the locals of those areas if they were held at the expense of the reform processes and citizens’ services.

The singing festivals witness a larger audience than the cultural and social ones which are held currently.

Inas Abdulkareem  

The Damascus’NahasinSouq‘Coppersmiths Market’

Nahasin Souq (Coppersmith Market) in King Fayssal Street.