“Cham Gathers Us” Festival Kicks Off

On July 16, the 2nd session of “Cham Gathers Us” Festival kicked off in Tishreen Park in Damascus.

Under the patronage of Damascus Governorate, the one -month festival is organized by the Damascus Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with The Ministry of Internal trade and Consumer protection and the Ministry of Tourism.

Czech website: Apamea is the most important Roman site in Syria

Kam Se Vydat , website which is a Czech tourism website, published  that Apamea archeological city is considered as one of the most important of Syria’s  Roman archeological and cultural ruins.

In a 23 photos -essay  that tackled  Apamea archeological site which embraces a 2km –long main street called ” Great Colonnade” on the sides of which one can see ancient columns which were ornamented in a distinguished style.

The website added that these columns along with the rest of the ruins in Apamea seem to come out of a fairy world.  Built in the basin of the Orontes River, the atmosphere in the area is charming.

The Castle and Valley Festival concluded its activities

Ala’a Eddin band coming from Lattakia took part in the Castle and Valley Festival and presented a various theatrical comic show and acrobatics at the Cultural Center in Marmarita.

The show, which had educational and social aims, highlighted the importance of education, studying and self cleanliness.

 “The 6- actor band was founded in 1990 as a theater for children”, Head and Director of Ala’a Eddin band Ali Ala’a Eddin pointed out adding that the band is currently working to present a show for children with special needs.

Al-Nofara Cafe

In old Damascus lays, by the entrance of al-Qaymaria quarter and the Eastern gate of Umayyad Mosque, Al Nofara Cafe (Fountain ), one of Syria's oldest and most famous Café which is usually filled with noisy chatter and music.

Old Damascus Companion of time is under rehabilitation

The old city of Damascus, which is surrounded by the beautiful “Ghouta“ , and crossed by River Barada of the seven branches , was described by historians and poets as “the paradise of God “ . Today it is an international tourist landmark, unique in itself as it was described by the “World Tourism Organization”. Archaeological discoveries proved that the city of Damascus was one of the cities which man inhabited in the ancient epochs.

It was mentioned in Egyptian records of the fifteenth century B.C. It was mentioned 67 times in the Holy Bible .It became the first abode of Christian religion in the first century A.D. The instructions of Jesus Christ to Saul the Tarsian (St Paul):